Resilient Server is a free and open source project hosted on GitHub.
Please download the image here.

Resilient Server comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.


Install instructions

In order to install Resilient Server into your PC, first write the downloaded installer image onto a USB stick with dd or Etcher. Then boot the computer you want to install Resilient Server into, login as root (password: password) and give the command: --device /dev/sdx

where /dev/sdx is the device file corresponding to your hard drive, for example /dev/sda – find out via the fdisk -l command.

In about 30 seconds, the Installer will easily install Resilient Server into your PC’s hard drive.

You can test/use Resilient Server in a virtualized environment as well (and this will be of course the common use for a server system), the same way you are used to do with any other operating system.